We make shirts that mean something. We couldn't find shirts that we wanted to wear ourselves so we just made our own. Shirts for us.

Local Artists

All of our shirts are made from locally sourced artists & all the artists that make our shirts get a percentage of the profits. When you buy a shirt from us, you help to free someone from the chains of bondage that is working for the man.

Who is "The Man"

The world is setup so that most people have to live to work, not work to live. No one said this better than Richard O'Connor who lamented The great problem of the industrial revolution was how to transform a population of strong-willed, independent-minded, heavy drinking, party oriented, riot loving, life loving Englishmen into a docile, disciplined, and greatful workforce. Everyone of us has the ability to achieve so much more. The "man" is those corporations who profit off of putting you individuals in the modern equivalency of slavery.